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Wisconsin Masonic Foundation’s Masonic Acts of Kindness Matching
Grant Application Process

The Grant Year addressed in this program begins on May 1st and ends on April 30th of each year.
The Acts of Kindness Program is intended to encourage Lodges to be involved in their community and community improvement. Each Lodge is eligible for up to $3,000 per year in matching funds from the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation inclusive of all programs through the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation. It may include any combination of programs with their own individual limits: Medical Defibrillator through Project Adam or otherwise limit is $800 For other health and wellness programs the limit is $2,000 through the Wisconsin Medical Fund. Scholarship matching grants are limited to $500 per year.

Acts of Kindness contributions to the Community include a contribution from the Lodge preferably through community involvement such as a fund raiser alone or as a joint venture with another community organization. The Lodge may not be used as a conduit or mere pass through for another organization but must come bona fide Lodge efforts. The contribution may not be for political, religious or political organizations or endeavors, as will be determined by the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation Board.

Acts of Kindness Health, Safety and Wellness Grants are just what the title implies. These include but aren’t limited to: hospital equipment, AED defibrillators, first responder requests, health and wellness agencies, food pantries and other like services dedicated to enhancing and protecting the overall well-being in our communities.

Three Examples of different Lodges working within the $3,000 annual limit including the Acts of Kindness Program. In one year:

  • Lodge A obtains matching grants for defibrillator(s) for $800, $1,000 for health and wellness, and $500 in Scholarships may obtain
    another $700 match in the Acts of Kindness Program;
  • Lodge B has no defibrillator request and may obtain up to a $500 match for Scholarships, and up to $2500 for an Acts of Kindness match:
  • Lodge C has no defibrillator request, Scholarship or any other Wisconsin Masonic Foundation match may obtain up to a $3000 match for the Acts of Kindness Program.

The process for request of a matching grant from the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation’s Masonic Acts of Kindness, requires four steps. Completion of these steps is necessary in order to move your grant to approval as quickly as possible.

1. Define the program or project – This can be done in a letter addressed to the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation. It should include what type of charitable community program with 501(C) (3) status you would like to support and a brief description of what the program is and whom it serves.

2. Prove the Charitable Status of your recipient – Obtain an official statement from the charitable organization on the form provided in this application establishing the recipient’s charitable status.

3. Complete the Lodge Application Form – Complete the Lodge Application below. Please remember that the Lodge cannot be a mere pass through or conduit and that the annual limit of all programs for each Lodge to obtain a grant is $3000 as part of a $3000 annual limit from all matching grant programs of the Wisconsin Masonic Foundation.

4. Include a copy of the check, payable the organization you are supporting, for your Lodge’s share of the match – This ensures prompt processing of your request once the foundation board has approved it.

When should you file your requests? Anytime! The Board of Directors will review your request and process as quickly as they are able. Our Board meets every two months to review requests.

REMEMBER!! The purpose of the Acts of Kindness Program is to get Lodges working in their communities to promote the good works of the Fraternity. The Board will NOT approve requests where fundraising is done solely by a partner organization or when
funds are channeled through the Lodge. The Lodge itself, must raise or donate the matching funds and submit a portion, preferably all of the matching funds. When the Lodge partners with another organization to raise funds appropriate advertising and signage should indicate that the Lodge is a partner in the fundraising.

Ready to Apply?

“Acts of Kindness” supports projects that positively impact up to 100 Wisconsin communities each year with gifts for food pantries, first responders, civic improvement and more. It is a valuable tool that the 170 Wisconsin Masonic Lodges use to support worthy programs in their communities. The application form is available below.

“Your contribution helps to alleviate the burden to families and individuals in the Dodge County area that struggle to meet the basic needs in their homes.”

-Central Wis. Community Action Council

Acts of Kindness Grant Application
Acts of Kindness Grant Application
Acts of Kindness Grant Application